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For the almost three years I've been in NYC, I've been searching for my "perfect" restaurant: the go-to with a well-rounded menu, affordable prices, an extensive wine list and neighborhood ambiance. Being in NYC makes price the toughest qualifier by far, but I've finally found a winner! Tapeo 29 in NY's Lower East Side. View Full Review | PDF

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Past Time Out reviews: Around the world in 80 cuisines - Cheap eats 2005 Awards. "In authentic tapas style, the menu at this new Clinton Street wine bar is built for late-night snacking, not overpriced share-plate feasting."

2006 Eat Out Awards, Readers’ Choices “Best new tapas restaurant that actually serves Spanish food”.

Eat Out Review - Tapeo29. "The Spanish aren’t exactly known for hustling, so don’t show up here demanding fast food. The owner of this appealing new brickwalled wine bar took his time carving the dark-wood bar and tables by hand—and part of the charm is that the staff gets to you when they get to you."

"With its authentic cooking and relaxed atmosphere, this spacious bar achieves a convivial vibe that encourages you to make a full evening of tapas. Surrounding tables (two-tops and communal ones for four to six) are big enough to accommodate a pile-on of plates yet small enough to encourage mingling." View Tapeo29 page on NY Nightlife >>

L.E.S. Lazy Afternoon Tapas and Cocktails

During the warm months, they swing the doors on both sides of the build­ing open, pro­vid­ing a refresh­ing breeze; dur­ing the win­ter, all the wood cre­ates a warm­ing coc­coon experience. A huge favorite here is the Brooklyn Lemonade — a deli­cious con­coc­tion of vodka, mud­dled lemons and basil. They are deli­cious but dan­ger­ous. If wine is more your speed, then check out their selec­tion of Tempranillos. If you're feel­ing peck­ish, give the chorizo al vino (chorizo glazed in red wine) or cro­que­tas de bacalao (salt-cod cro­quettes with aioli) a try. Read full review >>

LOwer East Side

This intimate Lower East Side lounge exudes a warm, rustic feel with exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and a heavy wooden front door. You should see that big medieval door! Their wine list focuses on Spanish varieties, and Tapeo 29 mixes things up with fresh, tasty cocktails and a hearty tapas menu of appetizers. Read full review >>

Tip Sheet New York

Best Barcelona Eating. "It's just a slice of the good Catalan life at dark and cozy Tapeo 29. Simple tapas like shrimp and garlic or patatas bravas call for a glass of Albariño." Read full article >>

New York On Tap

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"Tapeo29 Brunch Prixfix is WHAT'S GOOD IN NYC" Read full article >>

AOL City guide new york

"Some locations are just made for impromptu visits. Before tapas bar Tapeo 29 opened on this quaint yet busy corner, its space was the office of Dr. Dave, whose locally famous walk-in clinic looked like an urban MASH post. The doc has moved on, but people still come in spontaneous droves, drawn by the smell of sizzling garlic shrimp..." Read full review >>

The Village Voice

"The newest addition to Clinton Street's restaurant row, Tapeo 29 is a tapas bar with delicious, reasonably priced food; a Spain-heavy wine list; and a knowledgeable and friendly staff, who will make suggestions about pairings." Read full review >>

Shecky's New York Nightlife

"Deep in the Lower East Side, Tapeo 29 has not only created the term “tapas bar-hopping,” but they’ve also made their dark and intimate space a necessary stop on such bourgeois-bohemian excursions. With wooden shutters on the windows and just a small sign painted on a wood door, Tapeo is an inviting offer."

The JoonBlog

"Their wine list focuses on Spanish varieties, and Tapeo 29 mixes things up with fresh, tasty cocktails and a hearty tapas menu of appetizers.  The staff is particularly friendly and helpful."

A French Girl In The City

Spanish Relish - Tapeo29. "The tapas list was so tantalizing that we had a hard time choosing and ended up ordering more then ten. Everything was just a treat, from the fruity wine to the crispy bread. The ham melted in the mouth. The salmon ceviche was a bliss. The goat cheese was served with pecan, which happened to be the happier association I had tried for long. But how surprised was I when I tried the Champinones al Vino (mushrooms with wine sauce)."


The Brunch Wrap with eggs, cheddar and avocado slices was great; the salsa verde was an awesome sauce and the home fries are the ISH – the Eggs Benedict were "super" as well. A table favorite was the Chorizo al Sidra – medallions of chorizo slow cooked in apple cider and cinnamon, which even I had to admit, smelled phenomenal. Read full review >>